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Welcome to Heritage Resort and Gardens

Heritage Resorts & Gardens offers you a perfect blend of relaxation, business and pleasure, delicately infused to meet the highest international standards. It's first-class service at its finest! Our commitment to exceed your expectations means impeccable 4attention to detail, courtesy, and a genuine care for your every need.



Heritage Resorts and Gardens is a surreal, fantasy-like journey into a glamorous world of pure luxury and gratifying indulgence. From walkways filled with iconic works of art and beautiful flowers, building fixtures of unparalleled craftsmanship, architectural finishing of aesthetic perfection, and a modern style that is second to none, Heritage Resorts and Gardens is an experience guaranteed to leave you breathless with longing. Come discover the tangible magic of our hospitality. A hospitality that is all about you!


Our rooms and suites are beautifully decorated with clean-lined furnishings, fully air-conditioned and also equipped with water heaters, satellite TV and refrigerators. Whether you are visiting Makurdi for a vacation, a city break or a business trip you will feel right at home at Heritage Resorts and Gardens. At Heritage Resorts and Gardens your stay is an experience. An Experience in luxury. With world class services we create that perfect environment for relaxation, recreation and retreat. We would be excited to have you visit and experience the comfort of our resorts and the warmth of our services.

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